A restaurant on Evansville's eastside voluntarily shut down last night. Even though the local health department gave it the all clear, after an employee reportedly exposed customers to Hepatitis-A.

A news release on the Vanderburgh Health department's website, says an employee at the Lone Star Steakhouse contracted the disease. For a two week period, April 20th through May 3rd, hundred's of customers may have been exposed to the disease.

Those who ate or drank could have been exposed to the disease. The health department is urging anyone who visited during that time to either get the Hepatitis-A vaccine (if exposed in the past two weeks) or seek treatment from a doctor (if longer than two weeks).

Symptoms of the disease include loss of appetite, fever, and vomiting. Now Hepatitis-A won't kill a person, but it could cause damage to the liver.

For now, the restaurant is remaining closed despite passing a health inspection.