My friend Ben Trockman was paralyzed in a motocross accident about 7 years ago,which left him paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair. I remember meeting Ben around 2008, as 103GBF hosted a charity poker run for Ben, which started and ended at O'Charley's on the East Lloyd Expressway.  I was amazed at how upbeat and kind the whole family was, including Ben. He was determined to live as normal a life as possible.

The current Easter Seals spokesperson has had an uphill battle with that however, and one thing that has stood in his way is the inability to travel on a commercial airline. Ben has a motorized wheelchair that he can roll into his van and get himself into his EX lock device into place within 15 seconds.

Ben is urging airlines to develop the same type of device for wheelchairs on commercial aircraft. Currently the airline treat customers in wheelchairs in a way that Ben describes as "exhausting, dangerous, many times embarrassing and utterly unacceptable. It is also a process that has the opportunity of improving and eventually being fixed."

Here's where you can help. Ben Trockman has set up a petition that he is gathering signatures for and plans to take that petition before the Department of Transportation in Washington D.C.

I've signed the petition to help change law makers minds -- will you?

Sign the petition here.   Read Ben's Blog here.