For over the past year, southern Indiana native and Liquid Ninja president Derek Randolph and his partner in international beverage espionage Eric Morgan have been deep in the Kanto region of Tokyo, Japan training in a variety of savage ninjutsu tactics in hopes of emerging with the super secret ninja skills needed to rule the world.

Okay, so, maybe these guys haven’t actually been in Japan running around in black pajamas, attempting to learn how to shapeshift, talk to animals or make sushi using a katana, but they have been hard at work, here in Evansville and the tri-state, to deliver the first local energy drink -- Liquid Ninja Energy Drink -- to all of the true working class ninjas out there.

“Ninja’s not just a martial artist that we think of,” says Liquid Ninja president Derek Randolph. “It can be anybody: a master tradesman, an athlete, an artist – it doesn’t matter. If you take every aspect of your daily life and try to make every part of it the best it can be – that’s what being a ninja’s about.”

Liquid Ninja headquarters is located right here in Evansville, Indiana and their energy drinks can be found all across the tri-state. For a complete list a retailers, click here.