Well, that skinny kid who came to me for a job about 15 years ago has left the nest.  Slick Nick has done his last show at 103GBF.  He's heading into a great new career and a bright future.  He and I had lots of fun over the past decade and a half.  Plenty of trips to watch my Cubs play his Reds stand out as extraordinary memories.  We will continue doing those outtings as we have a road trip planned to Cincy on Aug 19th.  By then, both our teams might be so out of the race that the game will be meaningless, but a good time will be had.

Life after Slick will be like this.  Starting Monday,March 19th Bobby G. will be on from 9am until 2pm.  I will be doing 2pm-7pm and T-Rav will be taking over at 7pm, with HardDrive at 10pm.

I just want to keep you in the loop as to what's happening around here.  All to often when a DJ leaves a radio station they try and pretend like that person never existed, mentioning nothing about where they went and what's next.  You know that's not how we operate here at 103GBF.   We want to be YOUR radio station, and part of that means letting you know stuff that is happening internally.  So, now you know the game plan as we move forward.

As always, thank you for listening!  Without you...we would not be!