The proposed Roberts Park is already in jeopardy of having it's funding cut by the city council and that is a shame. Roberts Park is a plan to enhance the space where Roberts Stadium once stood.  Following numerous public meetings, significant feedback supported green space and better connectivity between parks.  Here's a little overview of the initial design for Roberts Park.  These photos and design come from the Facebook page Roberts Park.  Show your support for the project by giving them a LIKE!

What a great, progressive move for our city.  To build such a large and wonderful Green Space right next to Wesselman Park and in a spot where a beloved city landmark once stood..  .Not all on our City Council agree that this is a good idea.  At tonight's Evansville City Council meeting, there is an excellent chance that funding for Roberts Park will be cut, or delayed until later down the road.  I Some say the $1.5 million used to start building Roberts Park would be better served by maintaining the parks already in existence, but councilman Jonathon Weaver tells out news partners at News 25/Local 7 that the city can handle another park. "Let's sit down, work out our differences, and move the city forward."  I could not agree more!  If you think the city needs Roberts Park, then attend the City Council Meeting at 5:30 tonight Room 301 of the Civic Center or shoot an e-mail to City Council Finance Chairman John Friend and tell him you want the city to have something as cool as Roberts Park!