Today is your LAST chance to “beat the box office” and win tickets to the WWE Supershow Live coming to the Ford Center on January 28th. That show will feature superstars from both Raw & Smackdown! Superstars like John Cena, CM Punk, Randy Orton, The Big Show, The Divas and more!

Tickets go on sale tomorrow (12/17) at 10am at all Ticketmaster locations, including the Ford Center box office...or get them here.

Listen tonight during the 8 O’Clock Fourgasm with T-Rav for a chance to win...and answer the WWE trivia question below for another chance to win. Correctly answer the question below and you’ll be qualified to win. We will randomly select 1 winner from all correct entries.

Q: The Rock once told WWE Magazine that he was suspended from school for using what move on a classmate?

A. Sleeper
B. Piledriver
C. The Sharpshooter
D. The Tombstone

Leave your answer in the comment section below. We will contact you through Facebook if you are the winner. Good luck!