103GBF and Quality Home Furnishings on Green Street in Henderson are giving away of a 50 inch TV and a surround sound stereo

It’s the Grand Prize of the 103GBF 6 Pack Prize Pack contest. Several times each weekday, after we crank out a 6 pack of GBF Rock, we will ask you to call in at 1-888-900-WGBFand give us the title and artist of all the songs in the 6 pack that we just finished playing. If you’re the first to Get ‘em all correct You win a Coors Light prize package, and then in the running to win the big grand prize which we give away Friday night, 6pm at Quality Home Furnishings.

Then, starting Tuesday 103GBF wants you to Win Cash! Win a 1000 bucks on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays. And on Thursdays…Win 10 THOUSAND DOLLARS! More details here on the website beginning Saturday!