This past weekend, Tracy Morgan returned to Saturday Night Live as host and some pop star (that has an annoying song I really don't like) was musical guest. But it was the show's cold opening that got my attention.


This past week was the Democratic presidential debate, which stared Hilary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and three other guys who will probably end their campaigns by the end of this sentence.

SNL lampooned that debate on Saturday, with Kate McKinnion returning to her role as Hilary Clinton. However, it was the surprise appearance by Seinfeld creator, Larry David, that stole the show.

David played presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders. Complete with wild hair, lovable cursing, and the reminders that he is outside the Washington elite because he has one pair of underwear (that he dries on a radiator).

Basically, Bernie Sanders is Donald Trump minus the whole off-putting inappropriately placed cockiness. Check out the video of David's performance below.