A couple of weeks ago, I did a blog about 10 Completely Random Facts About Me, if you haven't read it...it is a good read. :) One thing I left out was I collect koozies. It is really the way to my heart! I always, always have one with me at all times! Some collect coins, pens, golf balls, etc. I have buckets of koozies, no seriously buckets. Here is the picture of the buckets I have.

I have them randomly in my car - EVERYWHERE.


I just opened my purse to see how many I currently have in there....yes I have 7 just in my purse! I don't know why I collect them or how I even got started on collecting them but they are my fave!

I am the girl you see at the bar with a koozie on her beer! I don't like my hands to get cold and I don't want my beer to get warm either. I don't just use them on my alcoholic beverages - I also use them on my daily Ski's I drink!

Most of the koozies I have - have stories behind how I got them. This one in particular came from a very good friend of mine's barn. He told me I wasn't allowed to take it home but I did and he said if you take this home you have to use it every time I see you. I used this koozie for about 4 years and the bottom started to rotten out of it and I had to retire it.

My Fave Koozie

The way to my heart is a awesome koozie!

What do you like to collect? Do you have a koozie collection?!?!--Comment Below---

so many koozies!