Prepare to waste a lot of time with this one fellas (and chicks who like hot chicks), because Miss Greenberg here can keep you occupied for quite a while. Not only is she stunningly beautiful, but she also has some decent musical skills.

Below are just a couple examples of what she has to offer. She does covers of popular songs - everything from Jimi Hendrix and the Foo Fighters to Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga - and she does a pretty decent job at it too. Her videos are so simple - it's just Jess and her guitar - but for some reason (two reasons actually) I can't stop watching.

I decided to share a couple upbeat numbers because, well, they are bouncier. Her slower stuff is good too but it's just not quite the same. You can see them all for yourself at her YouTube channel. The fact is she could be sitting there reading the phone book and I'd probably watch for a few minutes.