As a man (I think I'm a man), I can testify to the extreme pain and long lasting effects of getting hit in the balls. "The boys" are so incredibly sensitive that even the most innocent, unintentional, glancing blow can cause pain. So just imagine how these poor bastards feel!

I'll admit that I am pretty squeamish when it comes to watching people crash, wipe out, fall, face plant, etc. I can't help but wince when I see (and hear) them scraping along the concrete. It just takes me back to my own younger days, which were full of scraped knees, elbows and palms. Damn that stuff hurts! But for some reason, even though I know how bad nutshots feel, I have no problem at all watching guys getting "racked". Especially when about half of these instances are intentional. I understand slipping off your board and stradling a handrail, but I'll never understand asking your buddy to kick you in the balls as hard as he can.

So watch, and enjoy...and rest in knowing that at least for the next 3 minutes your sack should be relatively safe.