If you're like me and think that irony isn't flies in chardonnay and rain on your wedding day (Ha, that rhymed and I apologize for the pop reference). Then you will appreciate true irony when it smacks you in the face. And when politics are involved, it only gets better.

Indonesia is known for its strict morals, and that extends to the high office. The Islamic Prosperous Justice Party is making sure that the country is sticking to those morals, by going on a fierce anti-porn campaign.

That being said, it really doesn't help the cause when a party member is found downloading 'adult entertainment' on a government computer.  That's what happened to Mr. Arifinto. According to the BBC, Mr. Arifinto may now be charged breaking the same law he helped to craft.

Isn't that just a fat juicy piece of irony for ya? Maybe one of you can do me a favor and forward this to Alanis Morrisette. She might learn something.

Recently Indonesia has come under fire for the laws restricting adult entertainment. For instance, the government was criticized for how it pursued investigations of the editor for the Indonesian version of Playboy, which contains no nudity.

No nudity in Playboy? Thats the day I join the revolution.