Another semester is about to begin for college students. And if you're worried about being left behind in the "hookup culture" on campus, it really doesn't exist. 

According to a study released by the American Sociological Association, today's college students aren't getting it on any more than those in the 1990's. Although article after article may have you thinking differently.

In a study done on two waves of college students (who had completed a year), the students from 1988 to 1996 weren't getting busy any more than the students from 2002 to 2010. In fact those students weren't having sex more often or with more partners, than college students from the 90s. Although I think they had a better soundtrack.

One thing that is different between the groups, is who the students are more likely to "get with". The students in the 90s were more likely to stick with significant others, while students in the new century prefer close friends and acquaintances (thank you Facebook).

So as you head back to school this fall, remember to make plenty of friends. And party like its 1995.