We have all dealt with them at some point in our life. The kid who sits next to you in class that flicks paper at you. That dude at work who ate your lunch. And the infamous 'neighbor who stays up all hours when you have to work early'. Check your lease and see when is the earliest you can make 'daytime noise', then pop in this mix and give those crappy neighbors the wake up they deserve.

  • 1

    'Scream, Aim, Fire'

    Bullet For My Valentine

    This song has a vicious drum intro that rocks bass. It's going to make your neighbor's windows rattle.

  • 2

    'Two Weeks'

    All That Remains

    It's all in the guitar intro. The only worse way to wake up would be an airhorn to the face.

  • 3

    'Something in Your Mouth'


    Nothing's worse than waking up with an awful taste in your mouth. Nothing, that is, besides waking up to the sound of "Something in Your Mouth" by Nickelback.

  • 4

    'Get Up'


    If I had to take a pick of that guy from Full Metal Jacket screaming me awake, or having dubstep blast me out of bed, I'd go for the drill Sargent. Don't give your neighbor's a choice, and rock them out of 'dreamland' with a dubstep alarm clock.

  • 5


    Drowning Pool

    The whispering at the beginning of the song will have them thinking that angels are gently waking them, only to have Dave Williams vocals to jolt them from a sound sleep. If screaming doesn't wake the bastards, nothing will.