An employee of an Indiana Walmart is now facing felony charges because she admittedly stole and ate “multiple” Oreo cookies while on the clock because she claims that she did not earn enough money to pay for them.

According to a police report, Penny Winters, 63, was arrested on Thursday after Walmart Asset Protection manager Kenneth Moreno viewed a surveillance video that showed her opening a bag of Oreo cookies and eating them during her shift - she had been a suspect of similar incidents for years.

“Mr. Moreno advised that upon back-tracking the video footage from the location in which the wrapper was located, he was able to observe Ms. Winters select the package of cookies, open it, and proceed to consume multiple cookies during her work shift without paying for said items,” according to the report.

When security personnel asked Winters why she had been eating food from the store, she explained that she was a career Walmart employee, earning only $11.40 per hour, and simply did not make enough money to pay for extras, like Oreos.

Yet, even though Winters fully cooperated with Walmart security as well as local authorities, the company still plans to have her prosecuted for the crime. And before you feel too sorry for her, you should know that she confessed to stealing from the store for about four years.

Winters was taken to a nearby jail and charged with one count of felony theft – a crime that carries a jail sentence if she is found guilty.