A recent study concludes that while Indiana may be home to some big corn fed sons-a-bitches, most of them are lacking in the meatpacking department.

According to a press release issued by adult mega store Condomania, Hoosier men have some of the smallest peckers in America, ranking somewhere in between Texas (Wait, we thought everything was supposed to be bigger in Texas) and West Virginia at 42nd place.

Don’t laugh Kentucky – the Bluegrass State only ranked 40th, while our long-dong friends in Illinois came in at 25th place.

This latest embarrassing Indiana statistic was compiled using Condomania’s nationwide condom sales data to find out exactly where the largest condoms were being purchased.

Ladies, it may interest you to know that some of the biggest wieners in the United States can be found in North Dakota, as it ranks in at number one in this study, followed by Rhode Island at second and South Dakota at third, respectively.

However, men, do not let these figures shrivel your little Vienna sausages up any more than they already are. That’s because this study is not actually very scientific, as it merely based on condoms purchased on Condomania’s web site.

Interestingly, Georgia is apparently home to a legion of Eunuchs - they did not even make it on the list.

Here is the entire list in order from largest to smallest:

1. North Dakota

2. Rhode Island

3. South Dakota

4. District of Columbia

5. Massachusetts

6. Ohio

7. Arizona

8. Alabama

9. New York

10. South Carolina

11. Colorado

12. Maryland

13. Wisconsin

14. New Jersey

15. California

16. Florida

17. Connecticut

18. Virginia

19. Oregon

20. Pennsylvania

21. Washington

22. Tennessee

23. New Mexico

24. Iowa

25. Illinois

26. Louisiana

27. Vermont

28. Utah

29. Maine

30. Nebraska

31. Idaho

32. Kansas

33. Delaware

34. Michigan

35. Nevada

36. New Hampshire

37. Oklahoma

38. Montana

39. Minnesota

40. Kentucky

41. Texas

42. Indiana

43. West Virginia

44. Missouri

45. Alaska

46. North Carolina

47. Wyoming

48. Arkansas

49. Hawaii

50. Mississippi