The next time someone tells you that it takes brains to earn a decent living in today’s economy, try not to take the suggestion so literally.

That is certainly some powerful advice that could have been a feather in the skull cap of an Indianapolis man who authorities say is in some serious trouble after spending the last year stealing human remains from a local hospital and selling them on an online marketplace for fast cash.

Authorities say that 21-year-old David Charles spent much of last year breaking into the Indiana Medical History Museum, where he was stealing human brains and other body parts of deceased psychiatric patients and selling them on eBay for profit.

However, the culprit’s dead skin scheme went south, after an eBay buyer from San Diego contacted Indianapolis police and informed them that they suspected the human brain tissue they had purchased for $600 plus $70 shipping and handling had been produced by thievery.

A sting operation led to Charles’ arrest. He now faces charges for theft and marijuana possession.

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