Oh sweet irony, how I love you. Nothing can be more ironic than the Indiana legislature backing off from a bill that would require welfare recipients to take drug tests, because they would have to be drug tested themselves.

Republican lawmakers in the state of Indiana recently pushed a bill that would require applicants for public welfare to take a drug test before receiving benefits. Today, that bill died in the House.

A similar law has been passed in Florida, however it has been blocked by a federal judge. (Also there were rumors that the company that was contracted to do the drug screenings, was owned by the Governor's wife)

A Democrat from South Bend added an amendment to the bill that would require members of the legislature to pass a drug test before they received their benefits. The Evansville Courier And Press says that amendment passed with a 54-41 vote.

Supporters say that it was unfair to require poor citizens of the state to take a drug test, when law makers aren't required to take one themselves. Representative Bob Morris stated on the house floor that he wondered how many legislatures were under the influence when "we’re debating certain issues".

One lawmaker even went as far as to leave a fake urine sample on the desk of another representative on the house floor.

Although the bill is now dead, what do you think? Should those elected to the legislature be subjected to a drug test. Let me know what you think.