In celebration of Mardi Gras, I had my first taste of crayfish! Find out what I thought.

Kat Mykals/103GBF

Before this week, I had never in my life eaten crayfish, but since it is Mardi Gras I thought I would try sometime new. What I really mean by that, of course is that I ordered something else, and tried some of Mike's! We headed to Lamasco to try out their Mardi Gras spread. Since I didn't know if I would like it, I thought it best if I ordered some jambalaya and let Mike have the platter of crayfish. I did however, try one of the little multi-legged creatures. While it wasn't my cup of tea, and I really enjoyed my jambalaya, Mike ate the whole pound of crayfish. All in all it was a really great experience. In fact, we headed to Stockwell Inn the next day to try again. Same deal, he ordered the crayfish and I ordered the jambalaya. And again, I tried the little buggers. Still wasn't digging it, but the jambalaya didn't disappoint. An added bonus - Stockwell has the best damn white chocolate bread pudding I have ever had in my life!