Well it seems that our favorite late-night TV pitchman is in trouble again. Just two years ago, Ol' Vince was busted after knocking around a prostitute in a hotel room. And now, his behavior has taken an even creepier turn.

Vince Shlomi, the TV pitch-man of such crap like Shamwow and the Slap Chop, is now being sued by a former employee for some creeper behavior, according to the Smoking Gun website. Jennifer Kosinski is a 'model', who worked as personal assistant for Vince.

She said she was hired to be his personal assistant around the beach front house that Vince owns. Who knew that Shamwow was raking in that type of money.

Kosinki alleges in a federal court filing that Vince began harassing her and even stalking her and a former boyfriend. Vince even put the creep-o-meter in the red by allegedly offering Kosinki $20,000 to buy eggs off her her. I'm assuming the kind that make babies and not breakfast.

To top it all off, Vince expressed his interest in making Kosinki his 'love slave'. Take a shower to get all that creep off of you now.

The lawsuit, filed on April 1st, may have seen like the perfect April's Fool joke. Kosinki also alleges in the filings that Vince demanded 'the secret of her love'. And you thought you knew some creepers out there.

No word on when the trail will occur. Vince in the meantime has completed work on a video that featured Lindsay Lohan gunning down a group of paparazzi.

Man add Meatloaf and Gary Busey in to that video and you'll have a whole heck of a lot of crazy.

For now, I'm sticking to paper towels. I don't need my money going towards eggs, beach houses, and prostitutes for someone else. I like to have my fun too.

Read the whole story and see the court documents, here on the Smoking Gun Website.

Does anyone else get bugged by the way he says "You're gonna love my nuts?" (Youtube, djsteveporter)