Once the explosions rang through Boston, they rang through the entire country. Images of 9-1-1, the Madrid Train Bombing, the I.R.A bombing in London and many similar events around the world ran through my mind. It's become a brutal world that we live in.

I was on the air yesterday when the news from Boston started breaking. In the studio, I monitored the various news channels and tried to pass along updates on 103GBF. Sometimes it's a tough fit to mix hard, unsettling news with the everyday stuff we do on our radio station. One of the first people I thought and became concerned about was Evansville native and former 103GBF employee Tony Couch.

Facebook/Tony Couch

Since Tony left Evansville in the 90's, he was been working for a record company and management company in New York. He has also run the New York Marathon and other races on the east coast. In other words, running the Boston marathon would not be out of the question for him. I texted Tony to check up on him. He said that he was working in New York and didn't run in Boston, although his wife's family is from there and they were in the finish line bomb area but had left about 30 minutes prior to that explosion. He also added that his brother-in-law had stayed behind to watch more of the runner's crossing the finish line. He eventually left, but was a mere block away when the finish line bomb went off.

Tony said he feared the worst, because the family was unreachable due to Boston Police shutting down cell service. In the end everyone was scared, shaken...but uninjured. Thank God!

Here at 103GBF our thoughts go out to those who perished, were injured and traumatized by this horrific, cowardly act.