It seems I can only go so long before I start craving getting another tattoo.  I haven't had one in a couple of months and I'm itchin' to get inked.  One of the things I really like about the concept of tattooing is getting someone's orginially created art on my skin.  It's their passion mixing with mine to create an everlasting bond.    I know that sounds deep, but if you are someone with tattoos, then maybe you can appreciate whhat I'm saying.   So, I am soliciting the creative folk of the tri state for a cool design for my prospective new tattoo.   I'm considering getting this tat on my belly, so size isn't that much of a factor.  Got a design you'd like to share?   Send me some rough or finished as you like.  If I choose your design for my tat, I'll credit you and give ya something free in return.  Course that's not why I want you to do it cuz ya wanna express yourself through your art!   E-mail me at