I headed over the Louisville yesterday to the Fern Valley Hotel and Convention Center for the Fright Night Film Festival and Fandom, where my buddy and hometown author Mike Adams was set up.  Mike was there, selling copies of his new book 'Toilet Bowl Soup' along with many other authors and budding filmmakers.  It was hot and crowded in the hotel, but there were so many cool vendors and great genre stars like John Carpenter and Henry Winkler, neither of which I waited in line to see. I did however pick up a couple of badass t-shirts, one of which is here in the picture gallery.  I also met and got the autograph of actor Michael Biehn.  Michael has been in many of John Cameron's movies, such as " The Terminator", " Aliens" and "The Abyss" as well as playing Ringo in the movie "Tombstone".  Michael had a lot of photos at his booth that you could pick from for him to sign.  I picked a still from 'Tombstone" for him to autograph for me, which he did along with a line from his character in the film which you may remember..."I Want Your Blood, and Your Soul!"   Michael was really nice, as were a few other celebs I talked to like Robert Carradine from"Revenge Of The Nerds" and Candy Clark from "American Graffiti" and "Blue Thunder".  Being around all this cool sh*t and somewhat legendary folk  made me feel like a kid in a candy store.  Can't wait for my next genre convention experience!