...and, it's everything I had heard it was going to be.  A group of people who each  the $5000 tuition to learn how to tattoo in 2 weeks.  I have a bunch of tats and I can tell you, even the worst artists I've had work on me got way more than two weeks training.  It's not called the 'Art' of tattooing for nothing.   I'm a firm believer that a show like TLC's 'Tattoo School' is going to spawn a crop of budding tattoo artists who have gone out and bought the cheap-ass $300 starter kit and have begun doing really awful tats on any friend that will sit still for them.   It's also a disservce to the men and women who have a career as a tattoo artist.  They train and apprentice for a great length of time to become proficient enough to work on actual paying clients.   It's like undegoing surgery with a doctor who got his degree online.  One thing's for sure, the grads of TLC's 'Tattoo School' can't do work like my friends can. Check out the pic of my nearly finished zombie tattoo by Tony Trip!  F**k Yeah!!!