Well, according to girlfriendhire.com, it's only $5 to hire a young lady to do certain girlfriend-like duties. BTW, sex is not included. We're talking things like these;

I will like & comment your photos, status and... for $5  :) Good at Math LOL...

I will help you get over you ex and chat with you for $5 Haha :) Seriously.

I will listen to your words and response for $5  Sorry no sms or phone calls :) (

I will do your homework, chat with you in English,... for $5 Not that serious lol. Feel free :)

I will make you cool for $5 make you become a cool boy

I will I will be your friend on facebook for $5  I will facebook message you, write on your wall, and comment on your statuses.

I will give you attention by text or chat for $5    Bored? Lonely? Need some attention? You can text with me or call me and we can talk about anything for $5. (by bestgf )

These are only a very, very small sample of things you can get your fake girlfriend to do for $5.    Check out the website for yourself here.