I, along with you, am sick of ice, snow and very cold, windy weather -- it sucks.  This is on par to be one of the top 10 worst winters ever in America.  42 Days until Spring huh.  Even then it's still kinda chilly, but better than what's going on right now.  Summer is what I crave.  The heat, the sweat, being outdoors and babes wearing bikini's playing beach soccer!  Oh, wait...we don't really have 'that' kind of beach do we.   We have the kind of beach used for collecting rocks and crap that's washed up onto the shore.  But while trolling YouTube, I found The Beach Soccer TV Channel.  It at least brought summertime back to me in my imagination.  See if it works for you.  Here's a couple of videos from The Beach Soccer TV Channel featuring the cheerleaders, not the soccer players themselves. Who wants to see a bunch of hairlegs playing soccer...bring on the cheerleaders. Enjoy, and hang in there.  We'll suffer through the ice until we walk in the sun again.