Before I go any further I want to point out that, yes, iPhone Todd is a client of ours. I realize that, I admit it…no secret. Having said that, he is also a great guy that does great work…and this blog has nothing to do with him being a client. It’s all about a business owner that helped me out of a big jam.


Before I get in to my story let me also just comment on iPhone Todd’s business. Apparently things are going pretty well for him. Since he started his business, he has already moved once, into a much nicer building and location on Divison Street…and now he’s opened up a second location, on Pearl Drive on the westside. I will be at that new westside location, broadcasting live this Saturday, September 15th from 2p-4p. You can check out his Facebook page too.

Now, let me tell you how iPhone Todd saved my butt big time.

I had an iPod Touch that was completely dead. This iPod wasn’t for me…no, no, no…this was to be a present for my daughter’s ninth birthday. This thing wouldn’t turn on…wouldn’t even take a charge. It was dead…and I don’t know what I did to kill it. Quick history about this particular device…I got the iPod from my dad, who got it at Christmas 2011 and hardly ever used it. It was working great for me while I was loading music on it for my daughter. While I was playing around with it, getting familiar with some of the features, I must have done something to upset the iPod Touch gods…cause that bad boy just stopped working. The first person I thought to call was iPhone Todd. I had met him several times, done a live broadcast from his eastside location, and had heard that he does good work. I called him Friday morning, in a panic…I needed this thing to work so I could give it to my daughter on Saturday. He suggested it might need a new battery, and that he could get it back to me by the end of the day. Sweet! We spoke later in the day when he told me it was NOT the battery. In fact, he had tried three different batteries…something else was wrong with it. Uh-oh. He said “give me an hour and I’ll call you back”. He called me back in less than an hour, and it was fixed. I would try to explain what he said was wrong with it and how he fixed it, but I honestly didn’t understand any of it. All I know is that it took quite an effort on his part, making calls, finding parts, rushing around to get this done for me by the end of the day. He also stayed late at his shop so I could come by and pick it up Friday evening. When I got there he only charged me the cost of replacing a battery. I know he spent more time on it than that. He also threw in a bright pink case for my baby girl. That is one thoughtful dude!

I am pretty sure that I did something to screw that iPod up in the first place…and I would have felt like a huge failure if I had to tell my daughter that I busted her biggest birthday present. Thanks to iPhone Todd the crisis was averted, and my baby hasn’t put down the iPod yet. She loves it!

All I’m saying is, if you’ve got an iPhone, iPod, iPad, etc…and you’re having problems that you can’t fix yourself, call iPhone Todd. Not only is he a local business owner, and it’s always good to support them when we can…he is also Accredited by The Better Business Bureau…and he is a U.S. Army Afghanistan Veteran. All kinda reasons right there to support him.