Normally I wouldn't waste the space or time writing about Hollywood types, but after seeing Lindsay Lohan on the news yesterday, I couldn't believe my eyes. Whether she could ever act is a matter of opinion, but I think most men agree...Lindsay used to be as hot as July. Not any more though. In the gallery of pics below you see hot Lilo and the Lilo of today, who if I had to bet, has been doing plenty of meth. Her teeth, and her eyes give it away. I'm not sure we've seen a public self destruction to this point outside of Amy Winehouse. (And drugs didn't kill her, Amy's family says. RIGHT! It was too much time at the gym that did it!) Lindsay looks like Sh*t and has tons of legal problems. A Los Angeles County judge revoked probation for Lindsay Lohan yesterda after reprimanding Lilo and her attorney in court for Lohan's failure to comply with her community service.

Lohan was removed from the courtroom in handcuffs. She later posted a $100,000 bail and was freed early Wednesday afternoon within two hours of her arrest, a Los Angeles County Sheriff's spokeswoman said.

Under Judge Stephanie Sautner's ruling, once Lohan made bail, the actress must perform 16 hours of community service a week -- over a minimum of two days a week -- at the Los Angeles County morgue before her probation violation hearing November 2.

The foll needs to be in jail. Obviously rehab didn't work. I think for her, a long stint at the crossbar hotel could be the only thing that can clean her up and perhaps save her life.