I have always kind of had this "Rock Chick" kind of image, that I have never managed to shake. It's funny really, because I've always considered myself to be the geeky chick in the ponytail and glasses. I guess when you combine the 2, well you end up with ME!

You have probably figured out by now that I was married on Saturday. You also likely know the struggle that I was having trying to find the "Perfect Dress." Thanks to a little help from my friends, I finally found it! The catch, of course, was that it wasn't a traditional white dress. In fact, it wasn't even white at all! That's right. Kat Mykals didn't wear white! I also didn't wear cream, eggshell, ecru, or pale baby pink. I wore what any Geeky Ponytail-clad Rock Chick would wear: BLACK! And of course a DIY HOT PINK crinoline! ~with *sparkly* zebra print ballet flats! (Total cost for dress, crinoline, shoes, and accessories: $83.25!!!)



A few days before the wedding, I was asked by a friend if there was such a thing as a "Rock-n-roll version of the Wedding March (Here Comes the Bride)." Now that was an interesting question to me for a couple of reasons. First of all, what WAS I going to walk down the aisle to? And How could I POSSIBLY walk down the aisle to something as traditional as Wagner's "Wedding March," when I was going to be wearing black & showing 4-5 of my 10 tattoos? It just didn't make any sense!

After talking with My Mike about the dilemma of how I should enter the ceremony, a couple of days went by, and I came home from work and was told, "Stand right there... and listen." This is the point where My Mike unveiled a tiny fraction of is SuperCreativeGenius that he carries around with him from day to day, and... It. Was. PERFECT! Once I heard it, it only made sense in my aforementioned black dress, hot pink crinoline, and zebra ballet flats!!! Check out how a Bride in Black enters the room!