I'm sure we've all been there before. Some us were at a young age when we tried to flush something down the toilet at our house. Also, I'm sure there's still some of us to this day that will do anything for a dare. Well, I present to you one powerful throne, if you want a powerful toilet, go to a Loews hotel.

Frustrated that about four guests a day were clogging up the latrine at each of their hotels, the Loews chain is now featuring an American Standard Champion 4 toilet that is so powerful it can flush 18 golf balls (or 40 feet of toilet paper) at once

Check out a display of the Champion 4's suction ability. But be advised that this shouldn't be tried at home on your weak toilet -- unless you want to clean up a mess.

Water Wigglers...I wonder what they're saying there? All I can say is that I every hotel I've been to has angry sounding toilets. What does an angry sounding toilet sound like? Well, a small jet engine is a start. "Where are you flying to today, sir?" "Oh, nowhere, just trying to flush the toilet."