After concerns surfaced about a Facebook post, a student was suspended from a Georgia  High School. The post was related to the teen's plan to spread holiday cheer among his fellow students.

John George III (Best name for a Santa impersonator ever) was planning to dress up as Santa and hand out candy canes to other students. The night before his "prank", John posted a Facebook. The status on his Facebook page read; "Students of cchs ur in for a big surprise tomorrow ."

A few of his Facebook "friends" took this as a threat and notified school officials. The Principal also took the post as a threat and suspended John from his school.

John claims that several students knew what was going on and so did a teacher. He had even purchased a Santa Costume, a couple of Elves costumes, and some candy canes.

Considering recent events, do you think the school was justified in it's response. Check out the video below, and leave your thoughts.