Now that he is no longer running for president, Herman Cain is opening up about the accusations facing him. Of course, I'm talking about him writing speeches that contain Pokemon quotes.

The former GOP contender for top office, says that he did barrow a quote from the Pokemon 2000 movie. It came from a song in that movie called 'The Power of One' and was sung by Donna Summer (yes, THAT Donna Summer).

During his speech, announcing the end to his run for president, Cain said "I’m not sure who the original author is, so don’t go write an article about the poet, but it says a lot about where I am– where I am with my wife and my family, and where we are as a nation."

He used the quote during his closing speech in one of the first republican debates saying:

"Life can be a challenge, life can seem impossible, but it’s never easy when there’s so much on the line.”

It shouldn't be surprising, since Herman Cain borrowed his tax plan from a pretty famous city building video game. Both of those items had some people wondering whether he was running as a joke or not.

If playing Pokemon and Sim City are enough to get you elected President, I'm sure my experience playing Spore should entitle me to God status.