This post is directed at anyone who has never played disc golf before. I was once one of you. Furthermore, I was even skeptical and cynical about it. I thought "hat's the big deal...why would I want to play that?" And then I tried it, and loved it. Please give me the chance to convince you to try it as well.

The only reason disc golf was even introduced to me and my life is because we are putting on a disc golf tournament this Saturday (it's the Spring Fling Disc Golf Tourmanent). From the beginning I was a doubter...only because I was ignorant and knew nothing about it. Then I had the chance to play a little bit last week, and let me tell you that I was instantly hooked, and I WILL play disc golf again. It was a blast!

Disc golf essentially works like regular golf, except it's a whole hell of a lot cheaper to play, and not nearly as frustrating. You go out to a disc golf course, which has 18 holes, and you try to throw your disc into the basket. Yes, you do need at least a couple discs to get started...but they are cheap and available at several different places. And the best part about disc golf is that it's totally FREE to play! You can walk on to any local course and play as much or as little as you want.  Wanna kill some time between classes...practice some throws. Get out of the building on your lunch break and play a couple holes. It's so flexible and so much fun!

Luckily I had a professional disc golf player (yes they exist) showing me the ropes on my maiden voyage. His name is Matt Kern (pictured) and he represents Innova Disc Golf. He is a great guy, a great teacher and a great ambassador for the sport. Matt stopped by the studio today to talk about our upcoming tournament, and why newcomers and first-timers should come out and give disc golf a chance. Listen to our interview below.

Matt Kern interview