We've all heard the expression "having a baby changes everything" right? If you don't have kids, then you might be saying "yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever". But if you have kids, you know that statement really is true.

Before kids, life was pretty much all about me...and then eventually all about my girlfriend. I didn't think too much about the future or what was going on in the world or even our community.

But now that I have two kids, I see EVERYTHING differently. I think more about my health and my longevity (even though I do nothing about it). I worry about things happening to our community and our country and how it could effect my kid's futures. Hell, it has even changed the way I watch TV (check out my favorite current kids shows). I find myself getting choked up so easily watching the stupidest program, just because it gets me thinking about my kids (see ya' later street cred). Even my wife busts my balls sometimes for being such a weenie.

I've gotten off track a bit haven't I? Back to the video. It really is a head-scratcher and a WTF video from Funny or Die. It takes a rather macabre turn at the end.