Well, what are you waiting for?  This movie is some funny Sh*t!  Filmed mostly in Rosenbaum's hometown of Newburgh, Indiana, the semi-biographical comedy centers around a man who returns home for his high school reunion after leaving for Hollywood to try and make it in the world of acting.

Born in Oceanside, New York, Rosenbaum's family moved to Newburgh when he was 7-years-old. He graduated from Castle before attending college at Western Kentucky University roughly an hour and a half south in Bowling Green. From there it was onto Los Angeles to try and make it in show business. A goal he obviously accomplished after landing the role of Lex Luther in the Superman TV series, Smallville. Outside of that breakthrough role, his credits include movie roles and voice overs in animated series and video games.

Back in the Day also stars comedians Nick Swardson and Harland Williams, along with Morena Baccarin (Jessica Brody from HBO's Homeland) as "the one that got away" from Rosenbaum's character when the two were in high school.

Based on the trailer below it looks like it will be a really funny movie. Check it out and see if you recognize any Newburgh area landmarks. Back in the Day is in now showing at Showplace East and Newburgh Cinemas.

Michael Roesnbaum Tweeted me last night and told me to pass along his appreciation for the community's support of the movie.  Below is the official trailer.