How do I celebrate National Pet Day? Why, I make a blog about my pet that she will not care about or appreciate. Just like every other aspect of my life. *Sigh*


Some people call their pets their "children" or "fur babies". I just call mine my "fuzzy roommate".


This is Natasha. AKA: Tahsa. And on "special" days: "Ya little turd" and "you demon".


Seriously...She just natural sits like this.


Natasha is a gemini that enjoys long frolics through my apartment, peeing in the shower, and man-spreading.


Her hobbies include:


-Chasing you, jumping, and then trying to cling to your leg like she's made of velcro. Spoiler: You're not made of velcro. You're made of tiny finger blades and fur. It hurts. And my legs look like they've gone through a shredder.


-Not even acknowledging the toys you bought her and just taking your stuff and making them her toys.


That is a tiny Face Hugger from 'Alien' and a toy sperm I got as a gag gift one Christmas. Jokes on you, she loves it.


-Drinking out of the toilet.


-Sleeping in the sink.




-Sleeping on your head. Which actually comes in handy in the winter...She's like a fuzzy head warmer.


*Kisses and baths are optional, depending on the mood of the head warmer.


-Destroying blinds.


-Sitting in windows being majestic af.


I'm not a model...the camera just went off...


-Trying to walk on your keyboard as you're trying to type a blog about her-MOMMY IS WORKING RIGHT NOW. CAN YOU CHILL FOR A SEC?



So, yeah. That's my pet.


She's a bit of a spaz. She's a bit of a weirdo. But she's MY spazzy weirdo, got it?


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