Now I'll admit its a little silly for a channel that doesn't show music videos to have a "Video Music Awards" show, but such is the life of MTV. In between shows about morons from New Jersey and pregnant teens the channel gives a few shout outs to what made it famous. 

During last night's awards ceremony Green Day performed "Let Yourself Go" a new track from one of their upcoming albums. Billy Joel Armstrong performed the song from the middle of the audience. In a scene that mimicked a zombie attack, Joel told the audience members to join him if they wanted to be on TV.

The performance was surprising considering Armstrong was admitted to the hospital last week after collapsing during a show in Europe.

The band is planning to do a small show in New York City for the launch of AT&T and Nokia's "Nokia Music" streaming service. The service will offer a number of free streaming tracks, including Green Day's upcoming album Uno.

Check out the video of their VMA performance below.