IPI (Interstate Paranormal Investigations) was founded in 2012 and consists of members based out of Southern Indiana and Western and Central Kentucky.

IPI was founded to help individuals who are experiencing unexplainable phenomena. We are a not for profit group with the goal of helping and educating the public.

This kind of stuff piques my interest, as I love shows about the paranormal, while in my heart I remain a skeptic.

So to find out more, I did a little Q&A with Jamie Woods if IPI.

Q: What made you want to investigate the paranormal?

A: I got interested in the paranormal back in 2001, way before any of the paranormal reality shows. I was a Journalism major in college and didn't have a topic to write about for the college paper. My advisor said I should write about something that interested in so I landed on myths and legends of Henderson County. I did a few stories: a haunted cemetery in Spottsville, an old haunted farmhouse and a Bigfoot-like creature in Hebbardsville. Ever since then the paranormal has been a big part of my life.

Q: How did IPI get started?

A: IPI was founded by Bruce Collins from St. Meinrad, IN. IPI is a collaboration of several paranormal investigators who have one common goal: help people. I serve as the Tech Manager for the group. I take care of all the cameras, voice recorders and even the IPI website.

Q: Do you investigate to find proof or to dispel the notion of ghosts and spirits?

A: Whenever we do an investigation we go in with a skeptical mindset. If not anything that might happen would be considered paranormal. We debunk anything and everything that we can then deal with whats left.

Q: Where are some of the scariest places you have encountered?

A: One of the scariest places I've been was Moundsville State Penitentiary in Moundsville, WV. You haven't lived until you walked through a maximum security prison in the pitch black, knowing that hundreds of men have been killed or taken their lives there.

Q: Do you believe ghosts /spirits can hurt us?

A: I think most ghosts/spirits are harmless. Their have been accounts of inhuman spirits harming the living, but those are few and far between.

Q: What investigations do you have coming up?

A: October is a busy month for IPI:

•Oct 14 - Bristow Octoberfest - IPI will be meeting a greeting people, and raising money for a good cause.

•Oct 20 - Corydon Old State Capital - IPI will be hosting an investigation of a couple historic buildings in downtown Corydon, IN. Spots on the investigation are $100 a piece.

•Oct 27 - Angel Mounds - IPI will be hosting an investigation of the Angel Mounds Interpretive Center and surrounding woods. Spots on the investigation are $100 a piece. (

Q: What do you think of all the paranormal reality shows on TV? Which one is most accurate as opposed to dramatizing for TV?

A: I have watched just about all the paranormal TV shows. In my opinion most are just manufacturing evidence for the sake of ratings. None are really accurate as to how a real-time investigation is. Mostly you're just sitting in a dark room talking to yourself. My favorites are Ghost Adventures, Haunted Highway and Destination Truth.

It's all very interesting to me. I've been invited to go on an investigation with IPI and perhaps I will if I don't chicken out!

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