Tim Bedore has been regular guest on the Bob & Tom Show for many years now, and has become one of their favorites. He, along with Drew Hastings and Donnie Baker, is coming town on the Bob & Tom Comedy Show Tour. The show is Saturday, October 5th at the Victory Theatre, and will also feature the Bob & Tom Show's Kristi Lee as the host.

Tim is not only a long-time stand up comedian and radio guy, but he is also a husband and father. In addition to his long-running "Vague But True" commentaries and his "Animal Conspiracies," Tim also has no problem at all talking about his wife and daughter during his set.

Check out my interview with Time below to hear about how 'challenging' it has been to teach his daughter to drive.

Tim Bedore interview

Get your tickets for the Bob & Tom Comedy Show at the Ford Center box office, other Ticketmaster locations, or online here.