What’s up, my name is Jacob and I’m a new intern here at 103GBF. I have recently been given the opportunity to write about something that I’ve always found interesting and am passionate about...and that is astronomy.

The humbling feeling you get just by looking up at the night sky is something everyone must experience for themselves. The problem I always end up having is the lights from the city tend to drown out everything in the sky at night time. One great way to see all the cool things in space without worrying about light pollution is to check out the Evansville Astronomical Society. The EAS is always having events and public star watches around the Evansville area. One upcoming event is the 21st annual “Stars at the Beach” at Patoka Lake on July 14th.

If you can’t make the trip up to Patoka Lake, but still want to check out what’s happening in the night sky, the Evansville Museum of Art, History, and Science is another great way to get your astronomy fix in. The Koch Planetarium always has a variety of shows playing and for a significantly lower price than any movie theater. Not only is it a great time, but it’s also a perfect way for kids to learn without even realizing it. And if you’re under three years old, good news, it’s free! So check out the Evansville Astronomical Society or the Evansville Museum for one stellar experience.