Today our topic of discussion was, "What's your favorite scary movie?" There are a lot of good classics out there and the movie industry is churning out new ones all the time.

Interestingly enough, though, the classics still tend to be the scarier than newer movies - even with CGI and new makeup techniques. I think it's because older movies relied on the story, the acting and the mood to create a bone-chilling flick - things that many of the newer movies lack.

Do you agree or disagree? Here's some of our favorite listener comments below!


Slim Wagz That's like asking a parent to pick their favorite kid, but my fav halloween themed movie is Trick R Treat, and obviously the Mike Myers franchise is up there

Judy Pryor exorcists

Scott Shiever When I saw this movie in 1973 they gave out Vomit Bags at the Theatre!!


@Krickett8 49m - @sandman103gbf @103GBFRocks my favs are Michael Meyers - Halloween and Hocus Pocus!


Here's a cool list of groundbreaking horror films from our partner site.Screencrush.

Perhaps my all time favorite...

Still scary to this day...Love John Carpenter!

A Guilty Pleasure "Session 9"

And just plain sick and disturbing "Martyrs" (french w/subtitles)