I used to be called the "Program Director" of 103GBF. These days they call that same job "Brand Manager". It's much like what used to be a 'stripper' is now an 'exotic dancer'...not much of a change really esxcept for the title.
Part of my day is spent going through new music I receive. Some Record Labels still send CD's, while other send MP3's and Wav. files and the rest post their music to a secure download site.
I received in the mail yesterday the CD you see a picture of here. The new Pennywise, with a radio edit (clean) version which keeps us from being fined by the FCC, and there's the full album version packed with F-bombs and stuff ya can't play on the air.
Shortly after the CD came to me in the mail, it was foillowed up with an e-mail from the label which I found hilarious. Here it is...

" If you got the Pennywise "Let Us Heay Your Voice" CD single, don't play it on air. This CD single says it has 2 versions, it DOES NOT! It only has the album version and it is FULL of bad words! There was a screw up at the manufacturing plant. Since we no longer do our mailings out of this building, I don't get to check things before they are sent! If you would like the song, I can send you a burn, a YOUSENDIT link or you can get it off of PlayMPE! So sorry in advance." (name and etc withheld)

Bad enough to spend the money to send me two copies of the same CD, which happens often, but two copies that neither of which I can play. Like I said, I thought it waas funny.

BTW, I often get asked "Why do you edit certain songs?"  We don't and won't.  That is done by the label through agreements with the artist and their management.