People can update their Facebook status for a number of ridiculous reasons. The statuses I loathe the most is pictures of food they are about to consume. The statuses that entertain me the most, relationship drama. Status I don't expect, someone updating their run from the law. 

One Washington state resident felt like updating his status, while he is fugitive. Travis Nicolaysen (why did this moron have to be named Travis) has been convicted of five felonies, and slipped through police during a foot pursuit last Wednesday.

On his Facebook page (where his lists his employment as, 'Boss at da game') Nicolaysen updated his status and responded to friends. He even went as far as changing his relationship status. I guess that tends to happen when one of your charges include 'domestic violence'. Ladies, you better snatch this one up quickly.

It also appears that Nicolaysen also didn't consider that police could track him using GPS 'stamps' and IP addresses to pinpoint his whereabouts.

Until police track Nicolaysen down, at least his friends can stay up to date on his escape from the law.