You've never met a "smart" criminal, because if they were smart no one would know that they are a criminal. Here's a great example of local dumbasses in action. This news comes from Prosecutor Nick Hermann's office.

On Friday, September 23 Raymond Mortis drove Bobby Bellamy to the 2200 block of Fares Avenue to sell $250.00 worth of crack cocaine to an Evansville Vanderburgh County Drug Task Force (EVCDTF) Confidential Source (CS). Detectives observed the CS and Bellamy meet on Fares Avenue. The CS handed Bellamy $250.00 and Bellamy hand the CS a white plastic bag. The bag was turned over the EVCDTF detective. Once it was field-tested, it did not test positive for cocaine. The off white substance turned out to be soap, bagged up in several pieces to look as if it were crack cocaine.

Bellamy left the 2200 block of Fares Avenue in a red Ford Explorer driven by Mortis, law enforcement also observed a child in the back seat of the vehicle. After the substance did not test positive for cocaine, the red Ford Explorer was stopped by motor patrol units. Bellamy admitted to law enforcement that he sold soap instead of crack cocaine to the CS. Mortis later admitted that he believed he drove Bellamy to the 2200 block of Fares Avenue so he could sell crack cocaine.

Both Bellamy and Mortis were transported to the Vanderburgh County Confinement Center and booked into jail. Bellamy was booked for dealing a look-a-like substance and Mortis for neglect of a dependent.'ve never met a "smart" criminal, have you???

 Under Indiana law, all criminal defendants are considered to be innocent until proven guilty by a court of law...even if they are a totaal dumbass!