The San Jose-based start-up, "Dishcrawl" is bringing their unique event to the most popular street on Evansville's west side.

What is "Dishcrawl"? According to Evansville Dishcrawl Ambassador, Michael Armanno, the event looks to create "dining experiences and events to satisfy anyone’s show food lovers the best dishes in local restaurants", and to introduce people "to the faces behind their favorite restaurants."

So which Franklin Street restaurants are on the crawl? That's part of the fun. Participants won't know until two days before the event, however they will drop hints through their Twitter account.

Regardless of which restaurants are selected, Evansville residents like myself know there's no shortage of great food on Franklin Street year round. From the classic bar food offered at Sportsman's and Haggedorn's, to the authentic German fare served at Gerst Haus, to the gourmet pub cuisine being cooked up at Tin Man Brewery, there's plenty of tasty choices to fill your belly.

Reservations are $45 per person and can be purchased through the Evansville Dishcrawl website. As of this writing, only 25 tickets remained, so get them before they're gone.