One of my friends, who was an umpire for little league games, summed it up best. Your kid isn't getting handed a multi-million dollar contract tomorrow, so calm the 'frog' down.

The city of Columbus, Georgia is issuing an apology for how some parents acted at a little league game. The incident started when one parent asked another to turn his music down. Apparently playing music for the teams is common, but some felt it was too loud.

Words were exchanged about players on the team. And then a fight started. Both men involved were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.

The president of the Little League association for Columbus, Rick Chadwick, says the incident does not teach the players the respect that they should have. "It's very embarrassing not only to each of those leagues but the whole city of Columbus."

Personally I was never one for organized sports as a kid. However I have been to a few events for my family members and the actions of some parents are just off the charts. The kids aren't playing for a contract, and the game may not even matter to them in a hour.

It shouldn't be a 'everyone-gets-a-trophy' situation, but kids should learn proper sportsmanship. And that starts with the parents.

Check out the video of the incident below, and tell us your thoughts or stories.