Almost everyone has had this situation happen to them. You start to doze off to sleep in front of the television, when Billy Mays screams you right out of that sleep while trying to sell you glorified 'Color Safe Bleach'. 

With a recent FCC ruling that may become a thing of the past.

The rule came from the many complaints that the Federal Communications Commission receives about commercials that are way louder than the TV shows they interrupt. FCC Commissioner Michael J. Copps says he has heard the complaint at work and even at his own dining room table.

"I cannot tell you how many hundreds of citizens have told me — personally, through emails and letters, at public hearings, even across the family dinner table — how obnoxiously intrusive they find loud commercials."

The new rules will require TV stations to monitor the volume of their commercials, and make sure they are in line with the show's audio. Its a problem not only noted by viewers, but also by TV show producers who say that sudden changes in sound ruin the quality of their show.

The rule will also require that cable and satellite providers check the volume levels as well.

Unfortunately the rule doesn't take effect until December....of 2012. So for now, you will just deal with it.

(Los Angeles Times)