Lets start this off with a little bit of a disclaimer. I already know. I've heard the insults and criticism. I've heard everything a person can say about the Bears. My only response is, do you remember the Colts before Manning came along?

With that out of the way, let me state that I'm a huge Chicago Bears fan. Its mostly due to my family ties in the windy city. There is also the thinly veiled threat from my mom that she would disown me if I like a 'non-Chicago' sports team. Unfortunately the last time that team won a Super Bowl, I was wobbling around and doing my business in a diaper (no not last last week, lets try the mid-80s). But I cheer my team on just the same.

So its no surprise that I caught this fail on Sunday when the Bears took on the Carolina Panthers. Sure they won the game. But Marion Barber wasn't helping things, when his touchdown celebration caused him to land on his face. Literally.

Barber was out at the beginning of the season, due to a calf injury. So doing a flip probably wasn't the best idea to begin with. I can relate. In 6th Grade, I broke both my wrists when trying to do back flips out of a swing. It was all a failed attempt to impress some 8th grade girls.

So Barber, take it easy next time dude. You already impressed us with a touchdown, no need to injure the money maker in celebration.

(As a side note, do I sense a Tosh.0 web redemption in the works?)