Over the weekend, my friend Will turned me onto a local Facebook page called "Evansville Transparency".  He knows I'm a firm supporter of all that is local, but when those in positions of power misuse their influence that I'll be the first one to jump on their ass an call them out as I have before on the air.  I don't know who operates the "Evansville Transparency" page, but I did send them a message thanking them for publishing the seemingly unscrupulous dealings that go on behind the scenes in our city and country government.  Here's one recent post from the "Evansville Transparency" page.

More acidic sarcasm from the "Evansville Transparency" page.

So, if you're wondering how our tax dollars are spent in way we don't understand.  Building a new arena and hotel downtown instead of fixing the infrastructure in our city, eliminating flooding in poor neighborhoods, tearing down vacant and dilapidated houses that haven't been lived in for years and more burning questions that you as a tax payer have a right to know, give a "LIKE" to the "Evansville Transparency" page here.  Also don't forget about the unrelated site The City-County Observer, also a great community watchdog,  Find them here.  BTW, the sharing of this info here on our website is not an endorsement of either one of the aforementioned news outlets, merely an informative look at them.  Before I hang up now...one video for you from the "Evansville Transparency" You Tube page.