New changes to Facebook sent my news feed in to a uproar. Out of about 700 friends most of them were bitching about how they hated the changes. I however don't have a computer at home I only use my phone so when they did some changing to the app. I only could imagine what they did to the actual site.

When I first logged on I didn't think there was that big of a change, until I started digging. The new changes are something we will just have to get used to. Facebook is apart of most of everyone's lives and when they change something like that so often everyone goes into this huge hissy fit!


If you think these changes were big, check out the article I found on reguarding the timeline.

According to, " Instead of anchoring your page with a profile pic, you keep your profile pic but add a cover photo, something more panoramic, that doesn't have to represent you so much as look cool. You can jump around in time, all the way back to your first posts, and you can enter a Places map and browse different places you've been. You "star" the most momentous experiences of your life, making them widescreen, and you can remove stuff you'd rather not remember."

I'm sure when this hits the Facebook users that do not like the new changes now, they won't be very happy.

Do you like the new idea of the timeline? Will you continue to use Facebook with the new changes?